Technical and Structural Regulations

  1. Gravity propulsion only – ie no motors, no pedals and no stored potential energy
  2. Maximum external length 2.2m. Maximum external width 1m
  3. Wheels can be of any material and unrestricted diameter, but must be contained within the 2.2m x 1m maximum dimensions.
  4. No protrusions of any kind will be allowed outside these dimensions.
  5. Working brakes that effect 2 wheels on the same axle must be fitted and tested.
  6. Carts must have effective steering to navigate the curves in the route.
  7. Materials which might shatter on impact are not permitted.
  8. Cart must carry one person, seated, feet facing forward.
  9. No exposed sharp corners will be allowed if considered unsafe.
  10. All items must be securely attached to the cart. Anything that is likely to fall off will be removed.
  11. Covers may be attached to the chassis but must be considered safe and secure on inspection.
  12. A padded steering wheel is recommended.
  13. No additional ballast is allowed in the cart
  14. Where possible the bodywork and chassis should be constructed from recycled or natural materials.
  15. All Carts must be safe. Any carts believed to be dangerous to the public or the participant will not be allowed to race

Conditions of Entry

  1. A Team Captain is to be appointed (who must be at least 18 years of age on 16/07/2017) to sign the Registration Form (in advance) and Participation Form (on the day)
  2. The Team Captain will be responsible for the entire teams’ compliance with all of the rules and regulations.
  3. There is no limit to the number of people in the construction team.
  4. The “Race Team” will consist of 1 driver
  5. Any team member can be part of the Race Team, this can change for the three runs. However, all names and signatures to be provided on the Participation Form at the start of the event.
  6. Any Race Team member under the age of 18 on 16/07/16 must have the written and signed consent of their parent or guardian on the appropriate section of the Participation Form.
  7. No changes to the Cart after scrutinising, apart from repairs.
  8. Teams are responsible for the ongoing risk assessments of their Cart throughout the event and are obliged to report any risk to the scrutinisers.
  9. The organisers have the right to refuse entry or withdraw any team if the Cart or Race Team, in the organisers opinion, pose a threat of injury to either themselves or others either before or during the event.

Race Team Safety

  1. Driver to wear a crash helmet with the chinstrap secured. Full face helmets are recommended. Legs and arms must be covered. The wearing of gloves is highly recommended.
  2. Driver to remain seated and facing forward at all times.
  3. Race Team must abide by reasonable instructions given by the event officials or marshals in the interest of safety and the smooth running of the event.